We look forward to every visit, as it is the only way to fully experience our story. We devote ourselves to each guest individually and show them the vineyards and the cellar. We organize wine tastings with homemade cured meats, whether in the shade of a mighty chestnut tree or in our new tasting room, which can accommodate 50 people. And to make everything perfect, accommodations are also in development.

Vineyard tour

Wine is born in the vineyard, which is why the selection of the location is the first and most important piece of the entire mosaic. We spare no expense in planning the vineyard. We mostly choose southern slopes with plenty of sun and bora winds, where we shape the terraces typical for our region on the steep slopes, but each variety has its own requirements. At 11 locations, we find three types of soil that allow us to produce multiple styles of wine.

Estate and cellar tour

We are the Ferjančič family from Planina above Ajdovščina, where we have been involved in viticulture and winemaking since 1809. Here, on the hills of Vipava, where the valley separates from the Karst, extreme yet suitable conditions for grapevines prevail. The rocky soil gives the wines mineral character, the Vipava bora contributes freshness, and the Mediterranean sun represents the terroir of the Vipava Valley. In these conditions, we cannot have a lot, but we can have quality, which is our first principle.


When the clusters are still shyly hiding, the little red fruits on our 100 trees already herald the arrival of summer. We have trained these fruit trees low to the ground so that even the smallest hands can pick the sweet fruit. We deliver fresh cherries to your doorstep, but you can also pick them yourself to maximize the authenticity and enjoyment.


Naše posestvo Ferjančič vas vabi na nepozaben oddih v eno izmed naših 2 čudovitih sob. Vsaka soba lahko udobno sprejme do 4 goste in je opremljena z udobno veliko zakonsko posteljo ter dvema dodatnima ležiščema. V kopalnici boste našli vse, kar potrebujete za sproščujoče in udobno bivanje. Poleg tega ima vsaka soba zasebni balkon s čudovitim razgledom na Trnovsko planoto, v sončnih dneh pa lahko občudujete tudi osupljive Dolomite. Za boljše udobje vsaka soba nudi grelnik vode, kavni avtomat, brezžično omrežje in klimatsko napravo.  Privoščite si popoln oddih na posestvu Ferjančič in si ustvarite nepozabne spomine.

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