Sanja Ferjančič

With pride, we present to you the 27th Wine Queen, originating from our estate. In the year 2024, she will represent the finest wine products from all over Slovenia with her knowledge and passion.

“Dear wine lovers, dear friends, esteemed Slovenian wine community!

With great pride and honor, I stand before you as the 27th Wine Queen of Slovenia. You have bestowed upon me the crown, dear winemakers, grape growers, and all those who are in any way connected to wine. This crown is not just mine; it belongs to all of us who proudly cherish the Slovenian wine drop with passion, effort, and dedication.
Vine and wine have intertwined throughout my entire life, as my brothers and I represent the 7th generation of our estate. I could say that the vineyard was the playground of my childhood, a lifelong outdoor classroom. In the terraced vineyards of the Vipava Valley, where the bora wind and Mediterranean sun intertwine, my parents taught me respect for the land, while in the cellar, they revealed to me the wonderful art of winemaking, for which I am very grateful.

With pride, I will be the queen of all Slovenian grape growers, winemakers, and all Slovenian wines. I will strive for everyone to discover this small, boutique, yet immensely rich and diverse wine Slovenia. Through my work, I aim to showcase the tourist attraction of all three wine-growing regions: from the sunny and windy Primorska, through the characteristic Posavje vineyards, to Podravje, home to the oldest vine in the world. Moreover, Slovenia also captivates as a land of Alpine peaks, the Adriatic Sea, Karst underground, Pannonian springs, and rich cultural heritage, manifested in picturesque landscapes and friendly people.”

As the Wine Queen, I will strive to make us feel the pulse of the past, the power of the land, and the passion of the producer in every glass, and to enjoy wine with respect and integrity. I also aim to highlight the beauty of pairing wine with food and the diversity of flavors that create exceptional culinary pleasures. I believe that knowledge is power, so I will focus on educational wine events, raising awareness of indigenous Slovenian varieties, and expanding wine culture, especially among the youth. As a student in the healthcare field, I aim to promote moderate and responsible alcohol consumption and encourage a healthy lifestyle, as only then can we elevate the wine-drinking culture.

At the same time, I want to teach that wine is not just alcohol; it is much more. Truth lies in wine, nature is in wine, the effort of the grape grower, and the precision of the winemaker. Wine entails sacrifice and even more dedication. In every bottle, there are the stories of the steward, respect for the land, and love for nature. Wine is an art created for shared experiences.

May our journey be filled with diverse flavors, aromas, and unforgettable moments. May every moment we spend with a glass of wine be full of joy, friendship, and happiness.

Let us toast to the love of wine and the future we are building together!”

We invite you to join us at our estate and together with the Wine Queen, explore the new flavors of our premium wines. In the pleasant atmosphere of our wine cellar, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional tasting experience, where your taste buds will be pampered with a variety of flavors and aromas.

About us

We are the Ferjančič family from Planina, small village in Vipava valley, where we have been involved in viticulture and winemaking since 1809. Here, on the Vipava hills, where the valley separates from the Karst, extreme but proper conditions for grapevines prevail. The rocky soil that gives the wines their minerality, the Vipava bora wind that contributes freshness, and the Mediterranean sun all make up the terroir of the Vipava valley. In these conditions, we may not have a lot, but we can have quality, and that is our first principle.



The vinegar is a natural product of grapes, yet humanity has intervened in the intermediate stage to create a more refined product known as wine. At our family estate, we produce this divine drink with great reverence for nature and our heritage, while also looking to the future. In addition, our wines are a reflection of our very being, making them an extension of ourselves, and ultimately, for your enjoyment.


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Gorazd Berce
Gorazd Berce
Z prijaznim gospodarjem lahko poklepetate ob vrhunskih vinih. Gostoljubna gospodarica vam postreže odlične suho mesnate narezke in druge domače jedi. Priljubljeno posestvo Vipavske doline omogoča degustacije do 50 oseb v posebnem in prikupnrm degustacijskem prostoru.
Jernej Jeraj
Jernej Jeraj
We visited the Ferjancic estate winery, because we love the scenery on the Planina (hill above Ajdovščina) and because we never had a bad experience with any of their wines, tried at different occasions. They didn't disappoint. It's a family business and it shows that they are in it with their hearts and souls. They are very hospitable, willing to share their experience and knowledge with those willing to listen, passionate about their wines and you immediately had the feeling that you are among friends. Prices are very reasonable for the quality they are offering and we'll definitely return in the future. I highly recommend it, in particular if you are looking for good wines, which can be tasted in a not too poshy winery, which bets on being genuine and hospitable and not too much on shiny surfaces and expensive designs etc.
Urška Ferlež
Urška Ferlež
Čudovita izkušnja z zelo prijaznimi ljudmi, ki so naju lepo sprejeli, nama predstavili vino in celotno vinarstvo ter nama razkazali okolico. Vino je odlično, tudi pripravljena pogostitev se zelo lepo prileže. Skupaj s prelepim razgledom na okolico, toplim sprejemom domačih in dobrimi okusi je res prelepa in nepozabna izkušnja. Vse pohvale.
Sara Harc Legnar
Sara Harc Legnar
Zelo lepo preživet vikend. Soba je vrhunska. Pogostili so nas z odličnim narezkom in pokušino vin, zjutraj so nam pripravili okusen zajtrk. Vsi člani družine so nas toplo sprejeli in počutili smo se kot doma. Resnično priporočam, ne bo vam žal. Mi se definitivno še kdaj oglasimo.
Jekaterina A.
Jekaterina A.
We travel a lot, but it was one of the best stay in our life. Such warm, friendly hosts, they helped us with everything and just made our stay magical. Wine tasting and breakfast were awesome, it was amazing to be in the winery, listen to the family stories, to learn so much about wines. Wines, by the way, are very high quality, elegant and subtle tastes, highly recommend to buy as much as you could carry 🙂 apartments are so clean, stylish, everything of the highest quality. It’s perfect location to stay, to chill or to go to Postojna or other caves, which are nearby, if you travel by car.

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